Does Uber operate in Bali?

No, Uber pulled out of Bali, Indonesia and the entire South East Asia in March 2018 when it sold its business in the region to its main competitor Grab. Since then, there have been two players in Denpasar, Bali and surroundings:

  • Grab: the main player in SEA after the Uber acquisition, not only offers reliable motorbike and car rides but food delivery, parcel delivery and many others.
  • Go-jek: probably less known than Grab as a regional player, but it’s still the most reliable ride-hailing company in Indonesia, it’s home market.

Still, ride-hailing is widely unsafe in Bali due to taxi riots and attacks. For example, you will probably not be able to take a Grab or Go-Jek from the Denpasar airport due to the taxi lobbying. Taxi drivers will ask for a fixed -and expensive- fare and only in cash.

To avoid the hassle and the overpriced taxi rides, you may prefer to book a car service with a professional driver. They are ignored by taxi drivers and can do pick-ups and drop-offs at the airport.

Uber alternatives in Mexico City

Mexico City is one of the largest and most populated cities in the world, with over 20 million people living in a 9,560 km2 (3,691 sq mi) area. Moving around can be tricky as traffic jams are the norm on peak hours and public transportation is not super safe nor reliable.

If you are in CDMX traveling, you may want to ride on Uber or one of its alternatives as a safer option than taxis. There are currently 5 ride-hailing companies competing in Mexico City, so expect huge discounts for your rides. Here are the best alternatives to Uber, sorted by service quality, availability and price:

  • Didi: the Chinese giant landed in Mexico some years back with big discounts and lured lots of Uber Drivers and now is the 2nd player. The app is easy to use, drivers are as good as Uber’s and often offer discounts. They also expanded to smaller cities like Merida where not even Uber operated.
  • Beat: active in Mexico since 2018, Beat is an international company backed by Daimler (Mercedes Benz) and trying to win market share by dumping prices. Great news if you are looking for cheap rides.
  • Cabify: the Spanish ride-hailing company was the 2nd to land in Mexico City but now it lacks behind the rest in promotions, even if the service is still super reliable. Use the promo code “POLG1” to get a discount on your 1st trip.
  • Bolt (formerly Taxify): Bolt has been the latest player in a crowded and highly subsidized market controlled by Uber. Also backed by Daimler, its presence is still small compared to the rest but if we look at what they have done in other emerging markets we can be sure they will offer a safe and reliable service.

Not convinced by all the ride-hailing alternatives to Uber? There is another option: a car service provider with professional chauffeurs driving superior cars and offering safe rides all over Mexico City. Check all the players out:

Is Uber legal in Hong Kong?

Uber is technically not legal in Hong Kong and some of its drivers have been arrested in the past several times in 2017 and 2018. That situation has not stopped the ride-hailing company in HK, which has been operating there since 2014.

In fact, Uber launched Uber Eats and, Uber Flash, its product to hail both taxis and Uber drivers from its app. The cab industry in HK is unique, with close to 15.000 cab medallions with a value of 1 million USD each.

How to book an Uber in Hong Kong

If you are traveling to HK and looking for a 100% legal and reliable transfer, booking a car service is a good option. You will be able to pre-book your ride, pay with credit card and be picked-up by a professional and insured driver.

Does Uber operate in Dublin?

No: Uber, Lyft, Cabify, Bolt… and none of the other popular ride-hailing apps out there are currently active in Dublin due to local law restrictions.

Free Now started testing a taxi-sharing program (like Uber Pool) in Dublin in June 2019, and as of now is the only taxi app in Dublin. For more exclusive rides, there are some limo companies operating in town:

Taxi apps in Dublin

With no ride-hailing company operating in Dublin, taxis and black cars will be your only option when traveling to Ireland. Even among taxis, there is no much variety:

On the other hand, if you want to travel with peace of mind and comfort is your main priority, you may consider booking a car service for your rides. There are several companies operating in Dublin:

Is Uber safe in Mexico City?

Yes, Uber is the safest way to move around in Mexico City and even safer than taxis. On top of the usual Uber features like having your ride monitored, knowing the price in advance, being able to pay online by card… Uber will never pick you up or drop you off from certain dangerous neighbourhoods like Tepito.

Besides that, all Uber drivers go through a background check and those with criminal records get rejected.

If you still want a safer car service than Uber, you may check some black car service operators:

Taxi apps in Barcelona

Hailing a taxi in Barcelona is safe, even if they may not accept your credit card, but here are two good alternatives for avoiding the trouble:

  • Cabify: the only ride-hailing company currently operating in Barcelona after Uber pulled out in early 2019. Their service it’s great as drivers are well-dressed and drive clean sedans, usually have free water and wifi and the app is very easy to use. If you wanna give it a go, use the code “POLG1” on your first ride.
  • Free Now, formerly MyTaxi. If you really like cabs and don’t want to give directions to your driver nor wonder if you will be able to pay with your card, this is your app.

If you are tired of cabs and want a superior experience, chauffeured black cars maybe for you:

Are taxis safe in Barcelona?

Yes, taxis are safe in Barcelona, but the service is not the best: few taxi drivers speak fluent English, they may not accept credit card and in some cases the card may not be the cleanest.

Cabify is the only ride-hailing company operating in Barcelona, so if you want an exclusive transfer we would recommend pre-booking one of the black companies below:

Does Uber operate in Tokyo?

No, Uber as we know it (UberX) has never been live in Tokyo due to local regulations. Only UberBlack and Black Van are active, with prices close to black car services.

Japanese taxi drivers do not speak a word of English, so you are traveling to Tokyo and don’t want to deal with potential misunderstandings, it is recommended to book a transfer beforehand.

Check the best Uber alternatives in Tokyo below: