Dublin Airport to Google office

Dublin has become one of the main tech cities in Europe, with the likes of Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Apple… having their headquarters there. Google employs more than 8.000 people there, with roles ranging from sales to finance or marketing.

Google’s Dublin HQ

If you are flying to Dublin Airport to visit Google’s HQ in the capital of Ireland, there are several options for your airport transfer:

  • Public transportation: the bus 703 to Killiney services the route between the airport and Schoolhouse Hotel. To get to Google’s HQ, you would need to walk for another 6 mins. It’s definitely the cheapest option, but there is only a bus every 30 minutes.
  • Cabs: an easy way to get from A to B efficiently but with not much confort nor style. Free Now is the best taxi app operating in Dublin, as Uber does not operate there. The ride fare would start at 25€ but depending on the time and traffic it could reach 40€.
  • Black cars: the best option to travel with peace of mind and exclusivity, as the driver will be waiting for you at the gate, get your luggage and drive to your destination on a superior black car. Free booking modification and cancellation, 24/7 customer support hotline and payment in advance are some of the perks of booking a car service. Fares start at 40€.

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