Lost and Found Uber New York

Have you lost an item while on an Uber ride? No worries, it happens often and most of the time it has a happy ending. The process to follow for lost and found items on an Uber ride in NY is quite simple:

Contact your driver

uber lost and found
How to reach out to your driver

Open your app and go to Help > I lost an item > Contact driver about a lost item. There you will be asked to leave your phone number, so Uber can connect with your driver. If you what you left in the car is your phone, leave another phone number you have access to.

A call will be made to the driver after submitting the form. If your driver picks up and confirms the lost item is in her possession, you can make arrangements to meet up.

If your driver doesn’t pick up (she may be on a ride or busy), leave a message with your contact details so she can reach out to you.

Contact Uber

If 24 hours have passed and you’re unable to reach your driver, we recommend to contact Uber’s customer support team so they can take care of the situation.

Open your app > Help > I lost an item > I couldn’t reach my driver about a lost item.

There you will be asked to select what items you left in the car. The list is long: phone, bag/bagpack, wallet, keys, purse/handbag, clothing item, headphones/earphones, hat/cap, glasses, card, documents…

Upon submission, a ticket will be created and Uber will reach out to the driver about your lost item. That should definitely speed things up, and the next you will hear is an Uber agent or the driver reaching out to you.

Lost and found fees

Once you get your item back, Uber will charge you $15 to compensate the driver.

Alternatives to Uber

Uber drivers are contractors, which makes the process of retrieving a lost item very arduous. If you travel often, you may want to consider booking a black car instead, as drivers and employed by the company and their customer support would handle the lost and found request directly.

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