Taxi apps in Dublin

With no ride-hailing company operating in Dublin, taxis and black cars will be your only option when traveling to Ireland. Even among taxis, there is no much variety:

On the other hand, if you want to travel with peace of mind and comfort is your main priority, you may consider booking a car service for your rides. There are several companies operating in Dublin:

Is Uber safe in Mexico City?

Yes, Uber is the safest way to move around in Mexico City and even safer than taxis. On top of the usual Uber features like having your ride monitored, knowing the price in advance, being able to pay online by card… Uber will never pick you up or drop you off from certain dangerous neighbourhoods like Tepito.

Besides that, all Uber drivers go through a background check and those with criminal records get rejected.

Asking around you will realise locals don’t hail taxis but use Uber and other Uber alternatives as a mode of transportation.

If you still want a safer car service than Uber, you may check some black car service operators:

Taxi apps in Barcelona

Hailing a taxi in Barcelona is safe, even if they may not accept your credit card, but here are two good alternatives for avoiding the trouble:

  • Cabify: the only ride-hailing company currently operating in Barcelona after Uber pulled out in early 2019. Their service it’s great as drivers are well-dressed and drive clean sedans, usually have free water and wifi and the app is very easy to use. If you wanna give it a go, use the code “POLG1” on your first ride.
  • Free Now, formerly MyTaxi. If you really like cabs and don’t want to give directions to your driver nor wonder if you will be able to pay with your card, this is your app.

Barcelona and Valencia have been the two cities siding by the cab industry to fight ride-hailing. Uber stopped its service in both cities due to a law passed requiring to book any ride at least 15 minutes in advance.

If you are tired of cabs and want a superior experience, chauffeured black cars maybe for you:

Are taxis safe in Barcelona?

Yes, taxis are safe in Barcelona, but the service is not the best: few taxi drivers speak fluent English, they may not accept credit card and in some cases the card may not be the cleanest.

Cabify is the only ride-hailing company operating in Barcelona, so if you want an exclusive transfer we would recommend pre-booking one of the black companies below:

Does Uber operate in Tokyo?

No, Uber as we know it (UberX) has never been live in Tokyo due to local regulations. Only UberBlack and Black Van are active, with prices close to black car services.

Japanese taxi drivers do not speak a word of English, so you are traveling to Tokyo and don’t want to deal with potential misunderstandings, it is recommended to book a transfer beforehand.

Check the best Uber alternatives in Tokyo below:

Lost and found Taxi Barcelona

If you have lost an item, you can call the taxi supervisory company +34 93 70 70 600 or fill this online form. The agents are available from 08:00 to 20:00, Monday through Sunday.

If getting back your lost property is urgent, check on your receipt if the cab was part of a taxi network. In that case, you can reach out to the company directly.

Taxi receipt. On top, the contact details of the Taxi Company.

Do taxis in Barcelona take credit cards ?

Yes, most of the taxis already accept both debit and credit cards, but it is always better asking before getting in the cab as sometimes the payment terminal will not work. If you want to learn some useful Spanish words, try with “aceptas tarjeta?”, which translates to “do you accept card?”.

Some cabs in Barcelona will not accept credit cards for short rides, even if they have to by the local regulation.

If that sounds like too much trouble, you can always book through a taxi app or book a black car:

Does Uber operate in Barcelona?

No, Uber stopped its operations in Barcelona on February 1st, 2019 due to a local law requiring customers to book at least 15 minutes in advance.

Cabify, the other ride-hailing company operating in Barcelona also pulled out from the Catalan capital, just to re-launch on March 6th.

Looking for a ride in Barcelona? Check the several companies offering a superior service.