Taxi apps in Valencia

Valencia is the third biggest city in Spain with a population north of 800,000. Located in the Mediterranean coast, it receives hundreds of thousands of tourists from the UK, Netherlands and other colder countries. It is popular for its food culture (paella is a Valencian traiditional fish), its beaches, culture and history.

There are two taxi apps operating in Valencia:

  • Cabify: it’s a ride-hailing app with a superior experience. Their service it’s great as drivers are well-dressed and drive clean sedans, usually have free water and wifi and the app is very easy to use. If you wanna give it a try, use the code “POLG1” on your first ride.
  • Free Now, the old MyTaxi. A decent app to book cabs, it solves the issue of some cab drivers not accepting credit cards and it’s a good way to have a fare estimation.

If you are traveling to Valencia and wondering what is the best way to hail a cab, here are some handy facts:

  • Hailing a taxi in the street is completely safe, but they may not accept credit cards.
  • It’s better to not go to/from El Carmen by taxi: streets are narrow and packed, so sometimes walking is the fastest mode of transportation.
  • A ride to/from the Valencia airport starts at 25€.
  • Uber does not operate in Valencia due to a local law passed restricting its usage.

Enjoy your time in Valencia!

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