All the details to go from Barcelona airport to Sitges in taxi

Heading to Sitges, the popular beach and party town 30 mins from Barcelona airport by car? If you are landing at Barcelona airport (BCN), there are several ways of getting there, the most popular being taxi and private transfer as Uber is not available there.

Getting to Sitges

Sitges is only 28km away from Barcelona, a ride that should take around 30 minutes.

The highway covering the distance between Barcelona airport and Sitges has tolls which will add up to the taxi fare. The toll price is 6.95€.

Tolls, fees, tips and taxes will be included in the price when booking a private transfer.


The official Barcelona taxi calculator estimates the taxi fare for the distance between Barcelona airport and Sitges is around 60€.

A private transfer from the BCN airport to Sitges starts at 85€, which is a fair price considering the price is all-inclusive, pre-paid and fixed.

Taxi or private transfer?

It depends on the type of trip and budget you have, but let’s go through the pros and cons of a taxi vs private transfer in this case:

  • Taxis are widely available at the airport, whereas you will have to book your transfer in advance.
  • Taxis are supposed to take credit cards, but “sometimes” it doesn’t work.
  • The taxi fare is not fixed and there may be extra fees for bags or passengers, whereas private transfer fees are all-inclusive, even tolls and gratuities.
  • Taxis will await you at the taxi lane whereas your chauffeur will meet and greet you when exiting the gate.
  • Taxi drivers not always speak English.

About Sitges

Sitges beach

Sitges is a small town of 28.000 inhabitants in El Garraf, known for its openness, beach and summer parties. It got popular in the 90s as it was considered one of the main gay-friendly cities in Spain, and even though it still keeps the popularity, it is better known for its fancy villas and exclusive parties.

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