Uber alternatives in Mexico City

Mexico City is one of the largest and most populated cities in the world, with over 20 million people living in a 9,560 km2 (3,691 sq mi) area. Moving around can be tricky as traffic jams are the norm on peak hours and public transportation is not super safe nor reliable.

If you are in CDMX traveling, you may want to ride on Uber or one of its alternatives as a safer option than taxis. There are currently 5 ride-hailing companies competing in Mexico City, so expect huge discounts for your rides. Here are the best alternatives to Uber, sorted by service quality, availability and price:

  • Didi: the Chinese giant landed in Mexico some years back with big discounts and lured lots of Uber Drivers and now is the 2nd player. The app is easy to use, drivers are as good as Uber’s and often offer discounts. They also expanded to smaller cities like Merida where not even Uber operated.
  • Beat: active in Mexico since 2018, Beat is an international company backed by Daimler (Mercedes Benz) and trying to win market share by dumping prices. Great news if you are looking for cheap rides.
  • Cabify: the Spanish ride-hailing company was the 2nd to land in Mexico City but now it lacks behind the rest in promotions, even if the service is still super reliable. Use the promo code “POLG1” to get a discount on your 1st trip.
  • Bolt (formerly Taxify): Bolt has been the latest player in a crowded and highly subsidized market controlled by Uber. Also backed by Daimler, its presence is still small compared to the rest but if we look at what they have done in other emerging markets we can be sure they will offer a safe and reliable service.

Not convinced by all the ride-hailing alternatives to Uber? There is another option: a car service provider with professional chauffeurs driving superior cars and offering safe rides all over Mexico City. Check all the players out:

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