Is Uber legal in Hong Kong?

Uber is technically not legal in Hong Kong and some of its drivers have been arrested in the past several times in 2017 and 2018. That situation has not stopped the ride-hailing company in HK, which has been operating there since 2014.

In fact, Uber launched Uber Eats and, Uber Flash, its product to hail both taxis and Uber drivers from its app. The cab industry in HK is unique, with close to 15.000 cab medallions with a value of 1 million USD each.

How to book an Uber in Hong Kong

If you are traveling to HK and looking for a 100% legal and reliable transfer, booking a car service is a good option. You will be able to pre-book your ride, pay with credit card and be picked-up by a professional and insured driver.

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