Does Uber operate in Bali?

No, Uber pulled out of Bali, Indonesia and the entire South East Asia in March 2018 when it sold its business in the region to its main competitor Grab. Since then, there have been two players in Denpasar, Bali and surroundings:

  • Grab: the main player in SEA after the Uber acquisition, not only offers reliable motorbike and car rides but food delivery, parcel delivery and many others.
  • Go-jek: probably less known than Grab as a regional player, but it’s still the most reliable ride-hailing company in Indonesia, it’s home market.

Still, ride-hailing is widely unsafe in Bali due to taxi riots and attacks. For example, you will probably not be able to take a Grab or Go-Jek from the Denpasar airport due to the taxi lobbying. Taxi drivers will ask for a fixed -and expensive- fare and only in cash.

To avoid the hassle and the overpriced taxi rides, you may prefer to book a car service with a professional driver. They are ignored by taxi drivers and can do pick-ups and drop-offs at the airport.

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